I begin sorts it and the classification of the photos of the Apollo missions. These missions together 21.423 photos (65, 8 GB). This is very long because I performs the following operations:

• Removal of “useless” photos or too bad qualities.
_The photos which appear no planets, stars, galaxies, etc. (as for example pictures of astronauts in their rocket, the equipment used by NASA,…)
_I don’t care that exceptional quality photos such as those present in homepage, just below a certain quality I delete the image.
_The degraded photos.
_The photos or anything.

Here’s the kind of image that I delete (and Yes, the ratio of the images has not been respected… It is for example!)

Untitled 1

• Sorts photos earth / moon, indeed the Apollo missions include both photos of the Moon than pictures of the Earth, I therefore sort accordingly in their respective folder.

To perform this sorts, I am therefore compelled to reviewed the photos one by one, is extremely long work and for which it is important to be very careful, indeed a picture deleted by mistake will be virtually impossible to found if there is not a minimum of organization.

Finally, the upload time is also considerable, especially with an average flow of 100 KB/sec…

The Apollo 7 mission is already sorted, the Apollo 8 mission is being ranking. After that will remain me the Apollo 9 to 17 missions and even after that, I will start the sorts of pictures of Lunar Orbiter mission.

Image of “coverage” of the article: photo – Apollo 11 N and O Magazine editing / NASA
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