After you have added the Lunar Orbiter and Apollo missions, here is the mission Chang’e 3.

It is there not a lot of photos but they are of very good quality!

Pictures of this mission are available at this address.

Quick overview:

PCAMR-C-012_SCI_N_20140113191151_0008_A_2C PCAMR-C-052_SCI_N_20131224195509_0006_A_2C TCAM-I-061_SCI_P_20131220170623_0007_A_2A PCAML-C-003_SCI_N_20131221195407_0005_A_2A PCAML-C-005_SCI_N_20131224185813_0006_A_2C PCAML-C-014_SCI_N_20131224190734_0006_A_2C PCAML-C-035_SCI_N_20140113193811_0008_A_2A

Image source: Mission Chang’e 3
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