Juno is a space probe launched by NASA on 5 August 2011 in the direction of Jupiter and in orbit around this planet Tuesday morning at 05:53 (Paris time). This probe must collect data on the inner layers of Jupiter, the composition of its atmosphere and the characteristics of its magnetosphere. This information should allow to reconstruct how Jupiter formed and to correct or refine the training scenario of the planets of the solar system in which Jupiter has, because of its large mass, played a major role.


Planets of the solar system (without dwarf planets)

In this image, the size of the objects are to scale (but not the distances from the Sun), I leave you so compare the size of our dear little blue planet with the size of Jupiter… It is a little difficult to imagine a planet as large when we see already the size of our planet Earth.

For example do you know the famous red spot of Jupiter?


The famous red spot of Jupiter

This red spot is a giant storm with a diameter of – hold on tight – 12,000 kilometres…
The diameter of the Earth is of approximately… 12,000 kilometres *… Yes, a storm that is the size of our planet, with winds up to 700 km/h!

Since this announcement is a good opportunity to introduce a little Jupiter, I’ll continue.

Jupiter, just like the other giant planets like Neptune, Saturn or Uranus, probably has no solid surface. On the photographs we could get the impression that the beautiful forms of Jupiter come from sand dunes for example and that everything is fixed but not move much on this planet. Here Jupiter in “video”:

790106 - 0203_Voyager_58M_to_31M_reduced

Source: Wikipedia.org

387520main_92_80_1 - 334 x 312

Source: nasa.gov

To return to Juno, this probe will bring scientists of valuable responses on Jupiter, after a 5 year journey, these responses are awaited!

I’d an article that thus speak all important space probes we sent seeking answer to our most important question!


* Volumetric mean RADIUS is 6.371 km (wikipedia)


https://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/file:790106 – 0203_Voyager_58M_to_31M_reduced.gif




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