A new version of the site is in place, here is a small article to explain the changes and improvements.

Changelog v0.7

• Additions:
_Nouveaux lots of pictures:
(1) MESSENGER probe
(2) satellite DSCOVR
(3) Rover Curiosity (a special article coming soon)
(4) Solar Dynamics Observatory (a special article coming soon)
_The HUBBLE photos – many – are being upload and enhance the image bank in terms of numbers of constellation and referenced celestial objects ever larger: more than 60 celestial objects located in 33 constellations (planets, nebulae, stars, galaxies,…).

• Improvements:
_Reduction of the weight of images present on the home page. (Mostly less than 1 MB. Sometimes between 1 and 2 MB). It is heavy, Yes, but I want to keep a resolution of 3000 x 2000 to display excellent quality even on very large screens.
_The number of images focus on the homepage to reached the number of 42. I’ll stop there, I won’t add more but I chemically them continuously.
_The French version of the site is now over 100% (the site is french-based but some texts were still in English at the level of the WordPress theme)
_The sources are on the page “image bank” are more detailed (addition of licenses applied on images)
_Give the “about this site” page there is now the function programs used to retrieve images, sort them, rename them, crop, etc.

• Fixed bugs:
_Retrait of the “slides” (images on the home page) of the results of research because they are not designed to be displayed elsewhere on the homepage and shoving some display bugs when you clicked on it.

• Withdrawal:
English _Partie of the site (machine translation did not please me. “It was not serious.)

To come

In the future more or less close I care mainly the following 2 points:

• Put a button pause the slider on the home page (you can pause by pressing the space key, but it’s better with a button and more)
• Display on each image – in Minigal Nano at least – credits by going to draw in the EXIF data

These two improvements requires a modification of the code of WordPress theme and enforcement Minigal Nano. Not knowing code these improvements will be surely of the time to arrive.

About the additions of images, here’s what’s planned:
_Mars recognition Orbiter (MRO) – (already being recovered, of sorts, and upload)
_Continuer photos from Hubble
_The ESO pictures

Don’t forget you can check out the “roadmap” of Eyes of the Universe. This is a table indicating expectations, ready, ongoing, and completed tasks.

Credits for the cover image (modified by me to add “eyes of the universe v0.7”): NASA, ESA, and M. Livio, The Hubble Heritage Team and the 20th Anniversary Team (STScI) Hubble

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