• The WordPress theme was not designed to display articles (but only photos), there was no way to change the page when browsing the blog. The bug was resolved by installing the WP-PageNavi plugin.


• The “About the website” page is complete and now displays all legal notices.

• The size of the text displayed on the site has increased from 12 to 13 pixels for a more enjoyable reading.

• Setting up “Lazy Loading”, that is, the images of the site (WordPress part) are loaded only if they appear on your screen, so as you “scrolle” (down) the page . The loading time is significantly reduced, especially on articles containing many images.

• All the articles of the site are now displayed with a “fullpage” template, that is to say that the right side column disappears and the article is wider passing from 600 to 900 pixels, allowing better to admire the displayed images . The right side column is still displayed on the blog where the articles are listed. The rest of the page, on the right, is left empty to see the wallpaper, which changes on each item. (And also because for now I have no idea how to change this while making the background always sufficiently visible).

• The site is now available only in HTTPS


• Listing of “batches of images” (missions) currently online on the page “image bank” as well as a link to the associated galleries.

Added a “Wallpapers” page as well as 2 lots of images in 2560×1440 & 1920×1080:
_Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
_Rover Curiosity


• Disable comments

Crédits and sources :

• Credit for the cover image of the article: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

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