I know, I am not published any article since the site is passed in 0.8, it is shameful but it is like this 🙂

Do not get me wrong, I still work well !! Again, I focus on the image bank before v1.0 !!


• The site is now hosted on a dedicated server at Online.net.

• With the migration of the site to a dedicated server, we no longer use a certificate via CloudFlare but a Let’s Encrypt certificate, Obtaining an A + rating on the SSLabs site.

• The management of the server is assured by two people much more competent than me in this field.

• The French Shaarli is now traduce in french.


• The “about the site” page has been modified to correspond with the new web host and the removal of CloudFlare technology.


The photographs of the Earth taken by Thomas Pesquet from the ISS are now on the site and will be updated regularly, and this until the end of its mission in space.

• The most beautiful and interesting photographs of Hubble are all online. There are still hundreds of photographs but representing “only” shiny points on a black background. They will surely bet online one day, but I can not tell you when at the moment.

• Added a FAQ for the moment incomplete, but will expand as I will be asked questions on the site or on Twitter .

• A “Return to Site” menu was added to the Shaarli and The Minigal Nano Gallery .

• Add photos of ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer).

• Add photos of Sentinel-2.

• The Minigal Nano gallery are progressively assigned a comment, indicating the date of the last update Day of the file as well as photo credits.


• CloudFlare is no longer used on the site.

• The “Daily” page of Shaarli has been deleted.

Crédits and sources :

• Credit for the cover image of the article: ESA/Hubble & NASA | Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

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