Although this site is totally without advertising – and will remain so – it at a significant cost that I currently provide at 100%.

I – Making a donation by mining a crypto currency
II – Make a donation via Tipeee
III – Make a donation in crypto money directly

Here is a summary of the site costs per month to be transparent with my visitors:

> Cost of accommodation including VAT: 13.19€/month
> Cost of domain including VAT: 9.59€/year
> Cost of outsourcing including VAT: 60€/month

Total cost including all taxes per month: ~73.99€

• Here are the details and explanations of the various costs listed above:

> Cost of hosting including all taxes: This is the price of the dedicated server on which the site is hosted, it is simply the cost of the computer allowing you to consult the site currently. VAT is included in the displayed price.
> Cost of domain name including VAT: This is the price of the domain name of the site, the domain name corresponds to the Internet address from which you connect to the site, here it is “eyes-of-universe. eu” and this address at a cost. VAT is included in the displayed price.
> Cost of outsourcing including VAT: This is the cost of managing the site’s server. Installing, updating, fixing bugs and other crashes and maintaining a dedicated server requires some knowledge of system administration that I don’t have, so I delegate the management of the server to a specialized company. This is the most expensive but essential to have a stable, secure and always online site. VAT is included in the displayed price.

You have several solutions to help me finance this site, one of which will cost you nothing. Yes, it is possible.


I – Crypto-currency mining: Lend a little bit of your computer’s power (the “free” solution for you)

For the sake of transparency, I will explain what this system consists of.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of crypto-currency and specifically BitCoin, but in short, it’s about virtual currencies that can be used on a decentralized computer network. It is based on the principles of cryptography and integrates the user into the process of issuing and settling transactions. For more information I advise you to read the Wikipedia page dedicated to crypto-currencies.

Now that you know a little more, let’s move on to the second part that interests us the most here: crypto-money mining. When a encryption transaction is issued, it is transmitted and validated by the computers that make up the network. This validation is a calculation for the completion of which any person can propose his computer and thus participate in the calculations. Once a transaction is validated, each computer that has participated in its validation is allocated a certain amount of electronic money, pro rata to its participation in the calculation. (read more about Wikipedia)
This is exactly what I propose you to do for me here: validate transactions in crypto-currencies and pay me graciously the remuneration of this validation. These transaction validation fees are calculated in pennies – see less – but I am counting on your high number and the increase in the exchange rate. By the way, for the record, the currency you’ll be minin’ for me is called the Monero.
Last important point that I have to mention: you’ve certainly noticed that the word “free” in the title of this part is between guillemet for a simple reason, it’s that to be totally honest with you, crypto-currency mining at a cost in electricity: your computer’s processor will work a little bit more than usual and consume a little more electricity, but at the level we’re talking about here, it would be a few cents a month, but only if you leave my site open 24 hours a day for a month, if you visit it a few minutes a week, the cost of electricity would be almost zero.

Now that you know everything, you can click on the “start” button below and start mining (or not, it’s disabled by default and you’re the one who chooses, contrary to advertising!

II – Tipeee

You can contribute to the cost of hosting and outsourcing the site by Paypal or credit card via Tipeee. All you have to do is go to the Tipeee page of the site and choose the desired amount. Every euro counts, thank you!

III – Direct donation in crypto currency

If you decide to make a donation in crypto-currency, I assume that you know how it works, how to create a wallet and how to pay me crypto-currencies at the addresses below. If you would like me to add another currency, please contact me at