H5AI is a web application allowing to replace the default files in Apache listing system that looks like this:


So that navigation in the store image or the most pleasant possible, I replace this default system by H5AI, here’s what happens:

h5ai• 1 left pane: this is the tree of the image bank, such as the Windows File Explorer!

• 2 bar download: it appears when you click on an image to download, this bar indicates the progress of the download of the image, the name of the image, the number of peers that can be used this image, rate, elapsed time and the total size of the image.

• 3 right pane: this is the additional information, you will find for example the number of directories and file in the current directory or even a QR-Code corresponding to the URL of the image or the folder you chose.

• 4 center pane: folder contents current

• 5 multiple selection of folders or files

• 6 button of download files or selected files. (offers download of a .zip file with all in)

The H5AI application allows:

• Navigation in the image bank
• Download images one by one or batch

The H5AI application does not:

• The preview of images (you can still view the images in original sizes by making a click-wheel on the image in question)